Counselling Services

ACS - Families - Specialized Victim Assistance

Specialized Victim Assistance provides emotional support, justice related information referrals and practical assistance to victims and their families, of crime and trauma.

The types of files that we assist with are: Relationship violence, including; child and youth physical abuse, partner assault, family violence and elder abuse; Sexual assault, including child and youth sexual assault, adult sexual assault, and adult survivors of sexual assault; and criminal harassment.

Phone: (604) 859-7681

ACS - Youth & Families-Counselling & Support Services-STV/ SAIP

Our mission is to promote the wellbeing of individuals, whose lives have been impacted by abuse and violence, including sexual abuse and assault.

Stopping the Violence Program (STV) Program Goals: To provide individual and/or group counselling for women who have experienced childhood sexual abuse, sexual assault, and/or violence/abuse in relationships.

Sexual Abuse Intervention Program (SAIP) Program Goals: To provide a range of appropriate, timely and accessible assessment, treatment and/or support services to children and youth who have been sexually abused, and to children under the age of 12 with sexual behaviour problems.

Languages: English

Phone: (604) 859-7681 x209 or (604) 859-7681 x766

BC Association of Clinical Counsellors- Find A Counsellor

Search for and connect with a Registered Clinical Counsellor in your Community.

Eligibility criteria: None

Languages: available in over 40 languages, English

Phone: 1 (800) 909-6303
Fax: (250) 595-2926

Fraser Health Crisis Line

What kinds of calls does the crisis line receive?
People call for numerous and varied reasons: suicide, mental health problems, relationship conflicts, family violence, grief, addiction issues, or just plain loneliness.

How could calling the crisis line help?
Callers are invited to talk about their situations and explore possible options. Together, the caller and volunteer can sort out what might increase the caller's ability to manage and cope with the situation. Should a caller require help beyond that which the crisis line can provide, information about available community resources is offered. After talking with a volunteer, callers often report they feel less isolated or alone and are better able to cope.

Eligibility criteria: None

Languages: English

Phone: (604) 951-8855 or 1 (877) 820-7444

Fraser Valley Crisis Line- 1-877-820-7444

The Crisis Line is a 24 Hour telephone counseling service for people living all over BC. Manned by trained volunteers. It provides a resource to talk over personal concerns and receive support anonymously and confidentially. The line is available to provide information to people needing help, who have threatened suicide, have experienced relationship difficulties, have drug or alcohol problems, are lonely or depressed or going through marriage breakdown/difficulty. The volunteers have access to large information resources. Additionally, the crisis line serves as a direct link to Emergency Mental Health.

Address: 2nd Floor-2828 Cruickshank Street
Phone: 1 (877) 820-7444 or (604) 854-5811 x263

Innercare Services International

Founded by Brian Murphy, an experienced Psychotherapist and has been Director of many addiction clinics, with over 20 years of expertise in this area. Brian is also a former Monk and priest who has years of experience of a range of meditation techniques.

Address: 5285 Willet Road, Abbotsford
Phone:(604) 746-1164 or 1 (877) 826-1164

Shamrock Counselling

Shamrock Counseling provides (counseling) for people of all ages who may be experiencing a variety of challenges with; relationships, communication, self esteem/confidence, life transitions, substance misuse, anxiety, depression, trauma, OCD, ODD, ADHD, grief and loss with therapies that are tailored to your specific needs by partnering with horses through a creative intervention called Equine Facilitated Counseling (EFC). EFC is an experiential psychotherapy that partners with horses and may include mutually respectful equine activities such as handling, grooming, and riding. EFC is facilitated by a mental health professional with equine experience. The focus of Shamrock Counseling is a combination of being in a natural environment with sentient beings (horses, and sometimes cats and dogs) while incorporating traditional counseling processes through an attachment perspective.

Phone: (604) 751-2354 or (604) 859-7474

Youth Unlimited- Counseling Services

Our counseling service provides friendly and skillful support to youth, parents and families. Registered Clinical Counsellor Dale Peters (MA, RCC) helps clients deal with such issues as parent-teen conflict, depression, anger, anxiety and relationship problems. Flexible funding options are available if necessary.

Languages: English

Phone: (604) 857-7202
Website: is an online support network for youth. We provide emotional support and crisis intervention via Chat (instant messaging), Email, a Forum and Text message! Our Chat and Text service is open from 6-11pm (PST) every day. Something on your mind? We’re here to
talk and support you without judgement.

Eligibility criteria: Youth under 30 years of age. All genders included.

Languages: English

Address: Cyberspace (based out of Victoria, BC)
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