Lack of school success and connectedness is a major risk factor for sexual exploitation. Keeping kids in school is one of the most important prevention strategies to eliminate the exploitation of children and youth. Learning disorders decrease school success and likelihood of staying in school. Behaviors associated with learning disorders are as follows.  

·         Boredom and carelessness

·         Disinterest in school or reluctance to go to school

·         Withdrawal in class

·         Disorganization, inattention

·         Work that appears sloppy or poorly done

·         Slow to response to questions

·         Physical symptoms of stress such as headaches or stomach aches

·         Impulsive blurting out incorrect answers

·         Breaking school rules and being referred for discipline because of behavior problems

·         Behavior problems at home

·         Aggression toward peers or adults

·         Clowning around and inappropriate joking

·         Attraction toward other underachievers

·         Delinquent behavior at home or in the community