Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Features is distinguished from other painful events and typically arises from a traumatic event or ongoing trauma such as: sudden or expected events; death or threat to life or bodily integrity; and/or the subjective feeling of intense terror, horror, or helplessness (American Psychiatric Association [APA], 2000, p.463). Some examples include childhood physical or sexual abuse, witnessing or being the direct victim of domestic, community, or school violence; severe motor-vehicle accidents; potentially life-threatening illnesses; natural and human-made disasters; or refugee conditions (Cohen, Mannarino, & Deblinger, 2006).

 Sexually exploited youth experiencing PTSD will often have sypmtoms in the following areas:


  •  Fear
  • Depressive Feelings
  • Anger
  • Emotional Dysregulation


  • Avoidance
  • Maladaptive Behaviors and Coping Strategies


  • Development of Irrational Beliefs

Children and youth whom you suspect might have PTSD should be referred to a mental health professional or expert.